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Comb makes the team aware of deadlines so they don't over design, and ask for help when they need it

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Most software projects run late, which results in lost clients, lost opportunities, and lost revenue. Meeting deadlines requires being proactive, and early warning to allow enough time for course correction.

"Will you finish your work before the deadline?"

Comb emails team members this question each day to keep them aware of how long their work is supposed to take. Team members check-in with the following answers:

😄 Yes. All's good. Nothing to see here. Back to work.
😟 Maybe. Things are uncertain. Check back with me soon. Things could go south.
😓 No. Nope. No way. Not gonna happen.

Work reported as 😟 or 😓 get put on a dashboard along with some other helpful warnings to help you manage the team

Team availability

This line represents how much the team is available over the sprint. Dips in the line are weekends. The vertical bar represents the current time in the sprint.

Team work

Each row is a team member. Bars are stories/tasks. The colors represent the certainty of completing the task before sprint end.

Retrospective warnings

These are warnings which help to prepare you for future sprints. In this case, you should discuss why the story was underestimated.

Danger stories

These stories need to be discussed. GP-8 has had no check-ins recently, so we don't know what the status is. The team member appears above. GP-15 might not be completed. GP-19 is flagged - make sure you remove the impediment before it delays the work.

Sprint warnings

These are warnings which require fixing within the current sprint. GP-18 needs to be reordered, because it has dependencies with lower priority.

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