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If a feature doesn't get finished, then it can't be deployed. Find the bottlenecks in your team's development processes by tracking their activities across the tools they use

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Define your metrics

When monitoring in production, you have absolute freedom to track whatever you like. Get the same freedom with Comb's custom data fields

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Comb attribute examplesStory pointsTime estimateBusiness valueBug count
Comb integrations

Track these metrics with integrations

Just like production monitoring, pull the data from your team's tools into Comb to keep the project up to date

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Analyze team performance

Don't wait until you've missed your deadline: Comb's dashboards give you realtime information so that you can fix problems before they impact the project

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Comb's reporting

Feed back into the backlog

Backlog priorities are like battle plans: they change the minute you start working through them. Comb gives you the data to make smart decisions around priorities based on quantitative team performance.

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