About Comb

At Comb, we believe that a tool should always be useful

We believe that a tool should actively enhance the lives of its users. When team members waste time on ineffective tools, productivity suffers, and the business loses money, and talent.

Comb was born out of a desire to make managing a team easier, with less interruptions to the team members. When it comes to problems that impact delivery, prevention is better than cure. Comb was created to give you the ability to prevent problems, to improve the predictability of your team's delivery.


Wesley Harris
Wesley Harris
Co-founder & CEO
Wesley is an inventor at heart and entrepreneur by trade. He has worked as a software developer in the legal, accounting, insurance and short-term loan industries. His experience has given him a solid understanding of the most successful methods of running software teams.
David Matten
David Matten
Co-founder & CTO
Dave is an experienced software developer and entrepreneur. His passion is in helping people which led him to become a code mentor. This passion drives Comb's mission of helping teams make better decisions.


Decisions are easier to make and advocate with the right data to support our gut instincts and experience. But raw data isn't useful. Proper statistical analysis needs to be done for it to offer any value. The vision for Comb is to be the tool of choice for decision-making support. We believe the hard part of the job should be leading people, not choosing a Poisson over a Gaussian distribution when modelling your random variables.