Comb's Attributes

Custom data to allow you to track what's relevant to you

Attributes act as a data schema for the metrics you need to track in a project

Track the metrics that matter to you

Like to use story points? Go ahead. Prefer time estimates? No problem! Want both? Sure thing. But don't stop there; track severity, customer importance, bug/feature/chore, version of the system that the bug was reported in, and anything else you like!

Comb attribute examplesStory pointsTime estimateBusiness valueBug count

Track metric values at every task level

Think of attributes as extra columns in the "Task" table. For each task, you can set a value for any attribute defined

Set values manually or through integrations

Some attributes you want to specify manually, like story points. Others, like branch name, or CI build status, should be set automatically via an integration

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GitHub syncs to Comb
Show/hide attributes as appropriate

Control when attributes are displayed

Specify rules to show or hide attributes depending on the situation. Maybe you show story points on tasks, but hide the attribute for epics

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