Comb comparisons

Similar solutions in the project management and task tracking space

Comb has been influenced by a great many systems

While it may bear certain similarity, or share certain features, Comb's unique feature set set it apart from other solutions

Jira logo


Jira is a project management solution from Atlassian which offers rich customization and deep integration to the other Atlassian products

Learn how Comb differs from Jira

GitHub Issues

GitHub issues is a simple way to manage tasks on GitHub using labels and the other collaboration tools offered on GitHub

Learn how Comb differs from GitHub Issues

GitHub logo
Pivotal Tracker logo

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is a tool for SCRUM teams that focusses on a single backlog of work split into sprints

Learn how Comb differs from Pivotal Tracker


Trello is a collaboration tool built around the concept of boards containing lists of tasks

Learn how Comb differs from Trello

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