Continuous Tracking with Comb

Devops + agile project management for continuous improvement of the team

Continuous Tracking is about automating the monitoring of the progress of a task when it is being worked on by team members

When you work on a task, that task typically goes through several states before it is considered done, e.g. Developing, Manual Testing, Code Review, Deploying, etc.

Workflow steps

Manually updating the status of your task is tedious and is often forgotten

This means that anyone viewing the team's progress is likely looking at out of date information

Burn down chart
Production monitoring

If you did the same with production monitoring, your CPU stats would always be out of date, and you'd never scale your service to react to varying loads

Continuous Tracking is a discipline whereby a task's status is automatically updated as the team member works on it.

Where you have monitoring in production, with Continuous Tracking, you now have monitoring during development

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