Comb's integrations

Supporting any system via webhooks and API calls

Working on a task in a project means that you're going to be using GitHub to manage code, CircleCI to build and Slack to discuss

Which means that the state of progress of the task lives in each of these different systems. Comb aggregates the data from each of these systems to give you a holistic view of project progress

Integration is a 2-way street

Sometimes you want to gather information (like GitHub pushes or CircleCI build fails), sometimes you want to sent information (like informing the team on Slack)

2 way street
Comb's webhooks

Gather data with webhooks

Register a webhook on GitHub to be notified whenever a branch is updated or a pull request is created

Send data with buttons

Create a branch on BitBucket when you start work on a task

Comb to Bitbucket
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